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Businesses and Society

Small businesses have a difficult journey. With the shift to digital commerce, offers like in-home delivery, and Connecticut's downward growth, it's easier now than ever to get lost in the mega corporation ecosystem. DiscoverTorrington is our attempt to localize the dollar, while helping Mom and Pop to reach out. 

Web directories can be stagnant; they become outdated, lack style, and act as digital representations of the old style Yellow Book. Our service attempts to break the mold from these 'traditional' web directories. 

Once your business or freelance service is listed, engage the community with coupons, take reservations directly from your listing, display a menu, communicate your mission, write inspiring pieces - then share them on Social Media. This is the golden time to meet the individuals business owners serve.

Creating a Community

This isn't just another web directory. This isn't just a passing fad. This is a new home. This is your community. Families, business owners, and students alike. Torrington residents are the backbone of what we're doing. The cost of living - especially in Connecticut - continues to rise, pushing everyone who can afford to leave, out. Everyone else is left behind; graduates, single parents, our elders, as well as countless hard working men and women.

As a resident member, get exclusive access to business' coupons and discounts. List a tag sale or classified ad, order some takeout, sign up for alerts from your favorite spots, and explore everything Torrington has to offer.

A society isn't built overnight. It takes effort, determination, and a desire to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That's what we are: the builders, the engineers, the storytellers. Come with us on this journey and Discover what Torrington means for you.